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The Mountain

The Mountain T-shirts are well known for their soft “suede like” finish & feel and their eye catching designs. Working with well known artists and their own team of designers they produce many wonderful designs ranging from fantasy to animal kingdom and from native American to Humor each and every year.

The Mountain t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, all the garments are pre-shrunk and hand dyed, the designs are printed with environmentally friendly water based inks. This means you can simply iron across our prints. Try it on a T-Shirt that is printed with plastic inks and see what happens (At your own risk)! The Mountain prides itself in obtaining the Oeko-Tex 100 certification issued by The Institute of Research and Testing in Textile Ecology. Over 100 individual tests were carried out to ensure the production process and the garments are manufactured free from any harmful substances.

You can actually feel the quality ! The cotton is top grade and the printing becomes part of the fabric. As a result from a patented printing process, buying a Mountain T-shirt means being able to enjoy it for years to come without cracking or loss of the image.

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